Virtual Events

The way we meet and engage with each other in the events and conference world has changed forever and we have had to respond swiftly, creatively and efficiently to ensure we can continue to meet safely in this new world of COVID.

Virtual events encourage us to explore new ways of delivering events. They also allow events to expand and reach delegates and speakers that may not have had the resources to previously attend or present at an event.

Encanta continues to research and explore the best solutions for our clients and we are well-versed and experienced in the technology required to ensure you and your delegates meet safely. The hybrid and virtual event options we can offer include:

  • Management of the registration process
  • Management of exhibitors and sponsors
  • Management of the abstract and poster submission process
  • Support and training for your abstract and poster presenters
  • Event financial management and event reporting
  • Education, support and practice sessions for your attendees
  • Feedback and surveys
  • Gamification to incentivise participation in all aspects of your hybrid and virtual event

Hybrid and Virtual Event capabilities are advancing at a rapid rate and already include artificial intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Hologram technology. Some of the inclusions in our current platform:

  • Advance registration and communications for delegates, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Live Q&A and Live Polling
  • Advance meeting services between exhibitors and attendees
  • Previews and interactions with live and upcoming sessions
  • Real-time chat with presenters
  • Generation of urgent instant alert messages to presenters
  • Broadcasting a host live feed that lets you present a live stream of your host to selected or all attendees
  • Publishing general announcements and alert messages to attendees
  • Providing real-time analytics such as timeline analytics, a map to show from where your attendees are signing in
  • Providing informal social interactions between attendees, such as a networking function, with small networking groups, allocated short time slots to encourage multiple contacts and conversations
  • A Meeting Hub allows attendees to create connections for future meetings and contact exchange
  • A green room for speakers and presenters
  • Sponsor benefits such as allocation as networking or conversation hosts and digital banners

The Encanta team is dedicated to providing inspired, exciting and creative event solutions, along with our usual precise project management and event technology skills, to ensure we respond to the everchanging landscape that is conferences and events.

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