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Here's What We Do Better

Effective marketing is fundamental to attracting an optimum level of participation to your meeting or event. The “Encanta Delegate Boost” system is put into effect from day one to ensure maximum event attendees.

This starts with creating a brand and theme that resonates with the target audience. Between us we will create the brief that our first class graphic designer will ensure captures the essence of the meeting.

This is the brand that will be carried though in all publications, digital marketing and onsite.

Social Media

Reaching audiences through social media channels allows us to tap into global networks, reaching potential conference and event attendees.

Our creative marketing team builds an interesting and inspiring reason to attend an event through regular and motivating social media posts. The Encanta System includes the use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin as well as other platforms which are selected depending on the industry application.

Printing & Publications

Encanta is renowned for producing high quality publications which reflect the overall objectives of our clients.

From the first concept draft to completed publication Encanta will manage the entire process to ensure that a quality publication is produced.


A professionally designed web site is the most important tool for any event, providing decision making information, attracting new delegates and reaffirming to sponsors and commercial partners that they have made the right decision. Therefore we place an enormous emphasis on making sure the web site meets all the right criteria for maximising participant engagement.


E-newsletters will be created that result in a high opening rate with minimum unsubscribers.

We manage the whole process including:

  • Creating content
  • Designing an attractive layout
  • Managing lists
  • Providing reports on opening rates and so on…