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We understand that financial risk is one of the elements of an event which most committees want to mitigate. Our extensive experience and knowledge at managing financials, provides  reassurance and takes all of the burden out of looking after this important component of the event. We do this whilst always providing full transparency and financial reporting to the committee at regular intervals.

The success of nearly every event we manage is measured not only in delegate experience but also by the net budget result. We have a proven track record of producing positive results for nearly all budgets we manage with varying surpluses ranging from 5% up to 30% of total revenue received.

Using robust financial management tools we document all income and expenditure in the most transparent and ethical way. We scrutinise every expense and make sure it matches the initial quote. Your money is treated with the utmost care (as if it were our own) so no careless spending and all savings are passed on. Revenue is equally well monitored and documented so we know where every penny came from, how it was received and it is reconciled at regular intervals. By the way, we don’t take hidden commissions or mark-up invoices (yes sadly some others do this).