Association Management Services

Primarily an event management company, Encanta has gained a valuable insight and in-depth knowledge of Associations as most of the conferences we manage are held under the auspices of international and national associations. Hence we fully understand your governance issues, working with Volunteers and the aim to be sustainable with a long term vison for the organisation. Most importantly providing a professional development platform for members with vehicles to recognise achievement, legacy and value to the industry they represent.

We have skilled staff dedicated to delivering Association Management Services.

Managing an Association requires a unique set of skills that include:

  • Detailed Processes and Procedures
  • Ethical and Transparent Accounting Practices
  • Managing Member Services
  • Member Attraction and Retention
  • Pristine Record Keeping
  • Methodical Thinking
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Understanding of a Membership Based Organisation
  • Providing all Stakeholders with a High Level of Customer Service
  • Understanding the Value of a Volunteer Committee
  • Managing the AGM and Voting Procedures
  • Working Within the Constitution

Our whole organisation is based on keeping meticulous records, staying on track with critical paths, and being innovative in our project delivery.

Our attention to budget accuracy and security is paramount.

You can trust Encanta to take care of your Executive’s needs; and enhance the experience of major stakeholders including state chapters, supporters and members.

We will represent your Association in the best possible manner, providing a professional view at all times.

Talk to us now on how we can partner with you and manage your Association at the best cost with high effectiveness.