About Encanta
At Encanta, we are passionate about delighting our clients, not just pleasing them.

We want audiences to be enchanted, excited, and inspired by what we bring to an event. We create extraordinary experiences which bring joy and enlightenment to both our clients and our team members. When you partner with Encanta you are guaranteed a fantastic and rewarding journey.

Together we can create something special…

Our Services
Delegate Management and Assistance

Communication is the key, and at every contact we ensure delegate queries are handled promptly, and with care and consideration. No question is too silly, no request too trifling.

Organising Committee support

Most Organising Committees are comprised of volunteer members, who have other work and life commitments. At Encanta, we understand that Committee members are giving up their valuable time to organise the meeting/event and as such we make this journey as easy as possible. We take the stress and hassle out of managing the mechanics whilst the Committee provides the thought leadership and developing the all-important program.

Budget & Finance

The risk of a bad financial outcome is sometimes the scariest area for many conference or event committees and running a substantial event budget is often unknown territory for committee members.


Attracting Sponsors is a key objective of our pre-conference strategy, one we have had great success with.

Exhibition Management

For many events, partnering with suppliers and/or supporters of their industry is an important component of the overall event.


Effective Marketing is fundamental to attracting an optimum level of participation to your meeting or event. The “Encanta Delegate Boost” system is put into effect from day one to ensure maximum event attendees.

Seamless Registration

Our online registration Portal is easy to use and offers inbuilt mechanisms to ensure registration fees are explained and that the purchaser is not confused or clicks on the wrong button.

Our software ensures that your credit card payment is safe and secure.
Registered delegates will receive confirmation of all the details of their registration including every part of the program they have registered for.


Only the best and most robust event management systems get our approval, and so we use EventsAIR to manage every aspect of your meeting. .

Abstract & Program Management

Our expertise in this area will be of immense value, especially for the volunteer committees that may not have experience in programming and scheduling keynote, plenary and concurrent sessions. We will guide and then deliver. Even for those committees that are seasoned professionals, we will take the pressure off by creating a program template and managing and executing all changes.

Production and Audio Visual Management

Our aim is that the Audio Visual (AV) component of an event is there to support all speakers and presenters and to add innovation to their delivery.

Social Program Development and Management

We know how important social events are in terms of stakeholder participation and networking.

Venue Management

Encanta team members are highly experienced in negotiating the best terms and conditions for events of any size.

Case Studies

Paella is one of those dishes you love to enjoy at street food festivals and markets (seriously, how can rice taste so good?), but we don’t even try recreating at home for fear of massively failing.

Paella is a simple dish consisting of rice, chicken stock, vegetables and spices. In theory it is easy to make but it requires some special ingredients.

A really good Paella is made with love, passion and attention to detail.

A really good event is similar to making a Paella. In theory it is simple but it requires the special ingredients to get it right. Love, passion and attention to detail.

At Encanta we create events that are really special. We are passionate about what we do, we love what we do, and we are fanatical about attention to detail.

Actually that is why our business is called Encanta. Encanta means (Spanish) love, charm, captivate, enchant.

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